Family Nutrition and Fitness Coaching- 1 Month Subscription (up to 4 people) by Honest Talk International

Family Nutrition and Fitness Coaching- 1 Month Subscription (up to 4 people)

Sanjay Raja

is a father, actor, author and expert in fitness and nutrition. He believes that the most valuable asset we have as human beings is our health. Implementing sustainable healthy nutrition & fitness habits on a daily basis for ourselves and our children can seem daunting but with proper education and planning it can be achieved.


How do you create customized meal plans for every client?

We request a 7 day food diary from all nutrition clients and from there we use our proprietary algorithm to create a customized menu plan that calculates the macro nutrients needed to achieve nutrition goals. 

I don’t know if I can go cold turkey and commit to this plan

 Based upon your agreement and understanding of your meal plan I will be creating weekly meal plans for you with or without cheat days based upon how you want to approach the nutrition changes we are making as some of my clients want to do this gradually and others want to go fast and drop a lot of bad food habits cold turkey. So we will go your speed BUT I will be there making sure you follow the plan, I will be your accountability partner and challenge you every step of the way. 

What can you expect from Sanjay ?

A: I am available anytime you need to ask a question, talk or if you feel frustrated as I have all types of clients and they contact me for support and I am there for YOU and them. Trust me I have heard everything! No question is ridiculous...(This is part of food counseling)
B) Weekly meal plans(Based on the type of service you choose to sign up for)
C) Recipes sent to you(Based on the type of service you choose to sign up for)
D) Restaurant recommendations and what to order
E) I will hold you accountable to stick to the plan once we agree upon it and make sure you don’t lose focus or deviate!
F) Weekly checkins via call or skype or whatever is convenient for you so we make sure you are on track and I know what you like and don’t like about the plan so we can make changes and of course make sure we are seeing results!
G) Immediate access to my support group via weekly conf call where all my clients can speak to each other about successes and support each other as I will be on the call to moderate and answer questions. 

What does Sanjay expect from his clients?

A) Be honest with me! I need to know how you feel when you eat, are you happy, sad or etc as I want you to enjoy this journey and not be miserable because we are NOT doing a diet we are implementing a LIFESTYLE change.
B) Ask for help whenever you need it! I am here for you to help, text or email me as much as you need to!
C) This is a tough one; block out what friends, family or anybody says to you abut this plan as this is your journey, NOT theirs and you eating healthy and making these changes will make others  uncomfortable because they will feel guilty they are not doing the me I have seen this with almost every client. They embark on this journey and their significant other or family or friend unconsciously or consciously tries to derail them because it makes them feel like they are not doing anything to improve their health so please make sure you stay the course and block out the naysayers whoever it may be as this is your journey and your success will speak for itself!
D) Eating healthy can get costly so I will suggest where to shop and you don’t always have to buy organic, certain foods you need to buy organic others you don’t as you don’t have to break the bank. 

If I am traveling or have other plans where I need to stop the nutrition meal planning for an extended period of time can I we put it on hold and start back up again when I am ready? happens and we understand this; so we can put the meal plans on hold and start back up when you are ready. Just keep in mind you don’t want to take too long of a break as this will keep you from hitting your goals based upon the timeline you are aiming for. REMEMBER you will achieve success as FAST or as SLOW as you want as it is based on your level of commitment as I will be there every step of the way.