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Welcome to your New Support Network!
A place where you will get the Connections, Encouragement and Support you need in order to be Confident, Healthy and the whole you!

I'm Michaela

I'm a gal that used to define myself by the roles I play such as Military wife and mother to 3, and not for what is deep down inside of me! After years of searching for who I am, I found someone that values helping others, community and friendships.  You see, it is my core values that define me, not the roles I play... those are just a part of what make up the badass mom boss, military wife that I am. 

Find yourself...

Honest Talk is a global community for millions of  women to get exclusive access to trusted resources, connections, relationships and a chance to own their own power, stand up tall, maneuver through life's seasons with confidence, strength and clarity.