Career Talk: Are you Ready for Anything? by Honest Talk International

Career Talk: Are you Ready for Anything?

Is perfect for people struggling to combine their passion and purpose in a way that keeps them relevant and fulfilled.

I'm Jason

and I've created the Are You Ready for anything course to help you prepare for the transitions in your work life so that you never lose yourself in the J.O.B but instead thrive while fulfilling your purpose!

If you are wanting to...

  • Learn how to combine your passion and purpose into a meaningful career
  • Create a plan for communicating your most powerful and compelling contribution
  • Learn the skills and tools for keeping yourself relevant in an ever-changing workplace
...then this course is for you!

You will learn everything you need to know in this 12 week course, including:
  • Setting meaningful intentions for yourself
  • Identifying your most marketable talents
  • Defining the work that brings you energy rather than depletes you
  • Identify the types of people that you work best with
  • How to use the work you've done in this course to pursue potential employers, partners or employees
  • How to conduct effective conversations with your team
  • How to contribute mindfully to the workplace 
  • Networking skills
  • How to get rid of the idea of perfection and gain the ability to leverage your talents
  • Create a simple plan to find balance in your life