Pregnant? What to do next...

This Download is for anyone that is struggling to know what to do after getting that positive pregnancy test!!

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Pregnancy and Newborn Resources

In this bundle, you will get our 7 downloadable resources for pregnancy and baby!
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The Honest Birth Talk Birth Course

Learn everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 
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Nutrition/Fitness mini deep dive

Get started on creating a nutrition and fitness plan that will produce results! These are not diet plans but instead, a true lifestyle plan that will allow you to live your healthiest life today, tomorrow and forever!
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Family Nutrition and Fitness Coaching- 1 Month Subscription (up to 4 people)

Make it a family affair and hop on the road to a healthy life through personalized meal plans and exercise plans fit for everyone! 
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Family Nutrition and Fitness Coaching- 2 Month Subscription (up to 4 people)

Get a $200 discount when you purchase the family plan for 2 months in full. You will have the opportunity to have Sanjay Raja at your fingertips to keep you and your family on track to living a healthy life, creating the habits and behaviors that will las a lifetime. 
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Career Talk: Are you Ready for Anything?

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Individual Nutrition and Fitness Coaching- 1Month Subscription

Nutrition/Fitness Coaching for Individuals - $500/month; $400/month for 2 months(paid in full); $300/month for 3 months(paid in full) Includes Meal Plans; Exercise Plans; Unlimited Access via Text, Skype, Phone; free copy of The Food Talk Book; Customized Meal plans, New Recipes/Exercise sent weekly. (4 weekly meal and exercise plans per month)
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Where do you fit?

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Staying Healthy and Low Risk during Pregnancy

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Cut the Comparison Download

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Thoughtful Decisions in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and Labor- The Birth Process

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5 Steps To A More Productive Week for the Burned out Mom

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10 Ways To Involve Your Partner in Pregnancy

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Gratitude Challenge

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Basic Macro Nutrition Guide

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